Leaving home

All this summer, every time I drive any distance out from my neighborhood I am filled with the presence of my elder son’s imminent leaving. I hold the steering wheel poised for tears, but the cry is too deep to come. Everything is right and in its place, everything is as it should be. Which means that everything must change. The disequilibrium is mandatory. At nearly 18, the breaking up of the way we were is necessary for him to have his life.

Watching Jonathan move into his adulthood is like watching a single wave in the water. You follow it with your eye as long and hard as you can, but in a few oceanic heartbeats that particular wave joins a host of other waves, and at any rate is moving out and away from where you stand on the shore.
Click theMontauk_looking NE_0636 link below to open video (25 seconds);Photo and video shot at Montauk, NY.



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